Mobile Mocktail Bar

Soviet poster of a man refusing to drink alochol and drinking a mocktail

Hey! No Alcohol

Rare Non-alcoholic Recipes

In recent years, the rise of fitness fanatics has had a global impact on the way in which we consume food and drink. Hence the reason we offer a variety of alcohol free Mocktail options to choose from for your special event.

We have carefully crafted these recipes using non-alcoholic spirits for the base, using brands such as Pentire, Lyres and Seedlip.

Classy Service

From beginning to end we will fascinate your guests with delicious tasting non-alcoholic beverages from the mobile bar giving an insight into the world of mixology. The Ruby’s team leading your event will orchestrate the serving of drinks in a classy style in terms of presentation and mannerism.

Brand Embodiment

Ruby’s is an established brand that has been in the events industry for over 25 years. Our trademarked company represents professionalism and perfection. We take great pride in providing the best quality services we can and our recognisable brand ensures clients can place their trust in us.

Prices to Cater for All Budgets

Ruby’s would love to cater for the mass audience and in order to cater for the masses we provide packages for most budgets.

All our cocktails are priced individually. Each are placed in one of the 3 price bands:

  • Band 1 - Low Price
  • Band 2 - Medium Price
  • Band 3 - High Price
Click here to download our price band document.

For an accurate numerical qoute contact us !

The Ruby's Mocktail Menu

Ruby's Mocktail Menu Ruby's Mocktail Menu
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Image of a mocktail
Image of a mocktail
Image of a mocktail
Image of a mocktail
Image of a mocktail
Image of bartender straining a mocktail
Image of bartender adding finishing touches to a mocktail
Image of a mocktail

The Ruby's Mobile Bar

The World of Ruby's at your Doorstep

Ruby's can bring their fancy mobile bar to any venue for any special occasion, including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and hen parties - the list goes on ...

Perfectionists at their Craft

Recipes and presentation unparalleled. Ruby's brings class and experience to every event, resulting in unforgettable moments especially those that linger beneath the taste buds as well as those captured within frames.

Mixologists Mad as the Hatter

Exceptionally skilled bartender’s lye at the heart of the mobile bar service, providing guests with not just drinks but a whole new experience.

Tailor Made Mobile Mocktail Bar Service

The key to customer satisfaction is the skill to tailor a service/ package according to each individual client. That’s what is instilled in our beliefs at Ruby's. Hence, we offer a wide range of packages and cocktails/mocktails to suit your desires.

Artistic illustration of the Ruby's mobile bar
Press to take a sneak peak into the Ruby's mobile bar experience


We offer our mobile services nationswide and we are able to cater for anywhere from a small gathering of 30 people to a gathering of 1000+ people.
The main areas we work in are as follows:

In order to recieve a qoute contact us about your enquiry. We are happy to help!